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Wonderhunter quarantine movie

At the time of quarantine my garden became my prison and my only refuge at the same time. I was breathing with it, observing, learning. The uncertainity of safety made me more sensitive of people and the garden around me. I found inspiration and strength in them. 

Performing caleidoscope effect of Inner glow brooche
The lifechanging power of giving birth to a child made me turn upside down, I felt like a bead in a caleidoscope. I got lost, but suddenly realized, that all my love I can give is spreading back at me ten thousand times stronger, which I am able to pass on to everybody else. 
Inner glow series are visualizing the flow of love. 
Performance "Love is what I feel?"
This performance took place during Budapest Jewelry Week 2020, on the street of Budapest. 
Deepest inspiration of Coming OUT series was to recognize, that a period of my life has come to an end, when both of my sons left to kindergarden. The performance is aimed to visualize the dilemma and my ambivalent feelings about that fact. 
music: Péter Ajtai
Opening and installation of "I follow rivers"
solo exhibition in Fise Gallery, Budapest 
music: I am Yank
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